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Growing up infused by the sounds of Ballads, Boleros, Salsa, Rock, Hip-Hop and R&B, Carlos Xavier's ear training, developing his knack for music, began at a young age. Influenced by his father Carlos, a Nicaraguan born former bar singer in San Francisco and brother Michael, a former Bay Area Hip-Hop DJ, music was instilled in his daily life growing up. All the different genres and musical rhythms finally became Carlos’ blood at the age of 16 when singing turned into his passion. The San Francisco born Carlos Xavier began singing at family events where he was embraced with a tremendous response from his family and friends. In 1998 Carlos joined his first band “Orquesta Kache”, singing at all the major salsa clubs in the Bay Area. 

Carlos, wrote and recorded his first song in Lima, Peru entitled “Marchate” which was featured on the compilation cd “Salsa in the City”. While attending Cal State Hayward University majoring in Music, the classically trained singer began gaining recognition from colleagues and fellow musicians leading to various singing opportunities. While with Kache, Carlos joined a Latin rock, R&B band “Spectrum”. There he recorded “Feel My Passion” and “ Come Dance with Me” featured on the album titled “The Dream”. Carlos’ versatility for singing did not stop with his Latin roots. He also sang and recorded for the Hip-Hop group The Arkyvz, recording “Y Cuando Bailas” and “Mi Gente”, featured on the album “Tha Paypa Work”. After four years with “Orquesta Kache”, Carlos Joined a newly formed band “La Verdad” where he began to craft his “sonero” skills. 

The natural ballad singer was then offered the opportunity to perform on the Princess Cruises forming the band “Son Libre”. With Son Libre he performed daily at a dance lounge on the ship. Traveling all of the Caribbean and Central America, Carlos toured on the ship for four months. In his return and the end of the 2003 year, Carlos then joined Bay Area powerhouse salsa band “Orquesta Borinquen “ where he was embraced into a family environment of musicians and the Nicaraguan Carlos Xavier felt at home. 

While with “Orquesta Borinquen”, Carlos was offered another great opportunity to join Six Degrees Records signed artists “Los Mocosos”. With “Los Mocosos”, Carlos was able to branch out into the Latin/Rock Genre and tour the country and parts of the world, sharing the stage with great bands such as Cubanisimo, The Wailers, Parliament Funkadelic, Michael Franti & Spearhead and many more. Carlos Xavier the lead singer for “Orquesta Borinquen” is featured on the cd titled “El Trombonista” . The cd titled track “El Trombonista” was written by Carlos Xavier inspired by the late Jim Martinez.

After many years with bands Carlos Xavier is finally releasing his debut solo album titled "Lucha Contra El Tiempo" (Fight Against Time). He has explored many genres as a singer and is releasing an album of what he was born to sing, ballads. However, not just ballads, but ballads infused with Latin/Pop/Rock keeping the beat of his heart pulsating. A passionate singer/songwriter writes songs about about love, loss, dissapointment, betrayal and hope. Carlos states, “This is the music that makes me feel like singing all day and night, it is an album of who I am as an artist.”

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